Join Us

If you are really interested in joining us, you have to follow these simple rules:

1) Give us enough time to know that you are quitting.

2) Don’t give us half-hearted translations or editing. Put your heart and soul into it!

3) If you are on vacation or need a hiatus, do let us know.

4) No quarreling with the other members!

5) No bad-mouthing our group in any form.


We currently need:

1 Redrawer

1 Proofreader(Good in English)

Cleaners (erases the words for the typesetter)

Typesetters (puts the translated text into the pages)

We prefer:

-some experience in the posts you are interested to take

-new people that are willing to learn


To sign up, email us a short paragraph on:

-which position you’d like to take on

-what alias you’d like to use

-how long you’d be able to work with us

If you think you can abide by the rules and match the criteria of the posts above, email us at :))


4 thoughts on “Join Us

    1. not at the moment, we are currently looking for typesetters and cleaners. But in future, if we do need chi-eng/jap-eng translators again, we will notify you 🙂

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