Hime-chan no Ribon Colourful


Name: Hime-chan no Ribon Colourful

Mangaka: Komiyuno Shino

Genre(s): Magical, Shoujo, School Life, Romance

About: Tomboyish Himeko loves sports and playing with the boys, but longs to be a feminine, gentle girl like her name implies. When it looks like all is lost, suddenly a familiar face gives her a magical hair ribbon that grants Himeko the ability to appear like anyone in the human world in return for being a magical observation subject.

This is a remake of the classic shoujo manga and anime of the early 90’s by Mizusawa Megumi.

Chapters to download(chapters that are done by us):

Chapter 3: Download Link

Chapter 4: Download Link

Chapter 5: Download Link

Chapter 6: Download Link

Chapter 7: Download Link

Chapter 8: Download Link

Chapter 9: Download Link

Chapter 9.5: Download Link


Translated into French by: Shiro to Kuro


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