Tonari no Koigataki


Name: Tonari no Koigataki

Mangaka(s): Shiraishi Yuki

Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Description: Hiro and Icchan are both very important childhood friends to Akane. She thought they would always and forever be good friends, but…

Chapters that are done by us:
Chapter 5: Here
Chapter 6: Here
Chapter 7: Here
Chapter 8: Here
Chapter 9: Here
Chapter 10: Here
Chapter 11: Here
Chapter 12: Here

6 thoughts on “Tonari no Koigataki

  1. Just wondering if you going to continue with this, or is someone else running from ch6 as Intercross doesn’t seem to be active anymore either?

      1. Magic, thanks a lot, I am enjoying this one so far and hope to continue to do so to it’s finality. Let me know if you find you need a ‘wordsmith’ for it. I am picky and help with only those I like nowadays, and only a couple at a time.

        regards scsijon

      2. oh do you mean translator? haha thanks for offering, i’ll definitely contact you if we’re needing translators urgently, but right now, we’re short on typesetters. please help us if you know how to typeset 🙂

      3. NO, not a translator, sorry I can’t read japanese.

        A Wordsmith is something like a QC but with a Second Level of Proof Reading added. It’s necessary where concepts are different between languages or what is trying to be inferred in a totally different manner. In the Magazine world, it’s one of the first level editors that handle this job.

        A Wordsmith often deals with things like commas that should be there or are in wrong places, accents on wrong words, words in wrong order, or split wrong between bubbles and therefore changing the visual vs written meaning. Usually I have worked with the Translator, Proof Reader and (if i’m not doing it) the QC to get the concept meaning from the words right rather than just the words themselves. Also means I got the pre-release first to go through as there were usually small, but important changes that only get picked up at this stage, unfortunately.

        Mind you, the redrawer/editor’s often hate my job as they try to change things to fit what I want into spaces that aren’t suitable, which is why the wordsmith will often offer more than one alternative solution to use when the problem is found. If the translator is available, their in the loop, but usually their already on another project or chapter by this stage and unavailable.


      4. wow i never knew something like that existed! okay then, if i ever need your help, i’ll contact you. thanks for the offer, maybe we can work together in future 🙂 as of now i’m really short on typesetters and cleaners, so if you know anyone who can help, please get them to email me 🙂
        thanks for your help!

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