Name: CRASH!

Mangaka(s): Fujiwara Yuka

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

About: Hana’s the daughter of an owner of a talent agency. Her home being the talent agency, she helps her mother by using her special (it’s questionable) gift. Hana has nosebleeds when she sees someone with potential to become a celebrity.

She naturally keeps quiet about this. However, on the agency’s anniversary, she is sent out to find someone who has huge potential. As this story unfolds, you’ll find yourself sucked into it’s comedy goodness, a school life that’s a teeny bit secretive, and the most popular genre, romance.

Chapters that are done by us:

Chapter 30: Here
Chapter 31: Here
Chapter 32: Here
Chapter 32.5, Good Game: Here
Chapter 33: Here
Chapter 34: Here
Chapter 35: Here
Chapter 36: Here
Chapter 37: Here
Chapter 38: Here
Chapter 39: Here
Chapter 40: Here
Chapter 41: Here
Chapter 42: Here
Chapter 43: Here
Chapter 44: Here


4 thoughts on “CRASH!

  1. Love this manga. So funny. I wonder what would happen to them? Will someone confess to someone? Pls update. Thank you for the chapters you scanlated. Glad you picked them up. Happy birthday. Even though I said it quite late.


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