About Us

Angelic Miracle Scanlations, started on 16 August 2013, strives to give you the best quality manga scans and accurate translations. Join our family as we make friends together!!!

Number of chapters released: 58


Currently now in our family, we have:

The Founders/Editors/Admins: Kiriko, Sakura x Angel, Mimi

Redrawer(s): Tito

Chi-Eng Translator(s): Kiriko

Proofreader(s): Sakura x Angel, Mimi

Cleaner(s) & Typesetter(s): Kiriko, Sakura x Angel, Mimi, Ryth


Baqa – Cleaner

Neko – Founder/Editor

Ga-men-chan – Chi-Eng translator

Zura – Redrawer

Jackie – Typesetter

Misaki – Proofreader

Polestar – Cleaner & Typesetter

Darkness – Cleaner

Aizada – Cleaner & Typesetter

Ai – Cleaner & Typesetter

Email us at amscans@live.com if you are interested to join and refer to the Join Us page to read the rules.


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