About Us

Angelic Miracle Scanlations, started on 16 August 2013, strives to give you the best quality manga scans and accurate translations. c: Join our family as we make friends together!!

Number of chapters released: 56


Currently now in our family, we have:

The Founders/Editors/Admins: Kiriko, Sakura x Angel


Redrawer(s): currently none

Chi-Eng Translator(s): Kiriko

Proofreader(s): Sakura x Angel

Cleaner(s) & Typesetter(s): Kiriko, Sakura x Angel, Mimi


Baqa – Cleaner

Neko – Founder/Editor

Ga-men-chan – Chi-Eng translator

Zura – Redrawer

Jackie – Typesetter

Misaki – Proofreader

Polestar – Cleaner & Typesetter

Darkness – Cleaner

Aizada – Cleaner & Typesetter

Ai – Cleaner & Typesetter

Email us at amscans@live.com if you are interested to join and refer to the Join Us page to read the rules.

1 thought on “About Us”

  1. Thank you for your work ❤

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