Here are some common questions by our dear readers :))

1) Can you scan this manga _______?

We maybe able to, IF, you provide us with the RAWS of the manga or the name of the provider. We may consider if the raws are obtainable in our country.

2) You are scanning a manga some other group is doing! Stop that now!

We would stop, if the group tells us to do so. However, we would continue if we feel that is does not interfere with other groups who are scanning it. c:

3) Can I help you guys in scanning/cleaning/typesetting for this project only?

Of course! Help would be appreciated!

4) Can my group do a joint project with you?

Sure! We could definitely discuss what each group could do.

5) Can our scanlation group, ________(name) translate your project(s), _______, in  ________ (a language)?

Yes c: Just remember to credit us in your credits page if you are using our scans AND please ask us. Another thing, we do not allow two groups to retranslate our scanlations into the same language. If you need the .psd files, feel free to ask us for it. We do not allow you to remake our scans into the same language (English) though! If the group does not release our scans (in another language) in two months unless there’s a valid reason, we would allow other groups who requested (and were rejected due to the former group asking first) to retranslate into the same language. Thus, the former group would NOT have the permission to retranslate it anymore.

6) Why are your scans so bad?(this is just a joke question)


Why not?

7) Which online reader do you like the best?

batoto.net! They don’t remove pages from releases and add watermarks c: They also respect the scanlation’s group requests.

8) Do you accept donations?

No, we do not accept them currently. And don’t trust us with your money, please.*laughs*

Any other questions, email us at amscans@live.com.


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