Titans in a love triangle…?!

Okay… don’t take the title so seriously XDD Today I proudly bring to you two new chapters, Shingeki no Kyojin Junior High(do not judge what I call it!!) Chapter 1 and Tonari no Koigataki Chapter 5!! Anyway, it’s been a really long while, and if Kiriko haven’t been kicking my ass to typeset a chapter since […]

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Christmasu Evento~

From Neko: Hey guys! It’s finally Christmas! ^_^ As promised, this is the surprise: 1 NEW RELEASE FOR TODAY!!! This is totally a joke, there were suppose to be like 4 chapters(I had no time to typeset, was on hiatus)~ 😀 Click the cover below for the DL Link!! 😉 Once again, Merry Christmas and find […]

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The second last chapter!!

Hey guys, Neko here again! This time round, we present to you our heart-stopping series, Grape Pine(again :p) Chapter 4!! Just a hint, the ending of this chapter gives you a what-the-heck feel! What am I saying… xD DL Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?gvq34n8i9hkt089 Another chapter to go for Grape Pine to make our very first completed series~! See […]

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Another love story…?!

Hey guys, it’s Neko here again, and this time round, we would be presenting to you …*drumrolls* Grape Pine 3! ^^ Our “couple” this time round is rather unusual… A tomboy and a crybaby?! And this time the genders are reversed?!! Aah… I shall not reveal too much of the story. xD Have fun reading […]

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Just make up already…!

Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu, chapter 93! I know we were pretty slow on this, so forgive us. I think Neko’s on a roll though, the chapter is perfect! No mistakes! (If you spot one, leave a comment and we’ll fix it ahaha.) I don’t want to give away spoilers, so I think I won’t say […]

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Grape Pine, chapter 2!

Yo minna! Hey everyone! This is Kiriko, the admin that doesn’t really post anything here :)) I do post stuff on our facebook page though…oh and if you haven’t already, go like us now! here’s the link 😀 https://www.facebook.com/amscans This chapter was pretty fun to do, and our typesetter, Neko, did an awesome job with this! I […]

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