New Year Resolutions for amscans~!

New Year Resolutions for amscans~!

Hey guys, Happy New Year 2014!! Me and Kiriko can’t wait to work with you guys again!! 🙂
In this post, I’ll be stating some resolutions for our blog to fufil, everytime we accomplish something I will strike it off~!
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Christmasu Evento~

Christmasu Evento~

From Neko: Hey guys! It’s finally Christmas! ^_^ As promised, this is the surprise: 1 NEW RELEASE FOR TODAY!!! This is totally a joke, there were suppose to be like 4 chapters(I had no time to typeset, was on hiatus)~ 😀 Click the cover below for the DL Link!! 😉 Once again, Merry Christmas and find a mistletoe~~! Total disappointment!!!

From Kiriko: Hi guys, I know that releasing only one chapter is really disappointing for a Christmas event like this. We’re sorry and we hope you understand :(( since Neko’s hiatus was seriously random, and I didn’t know until two days before her flight, we weren’t able to plan this out properly. But rest assured, I’m currently working my gut out to translate. It depends on how fast Neko can typeset, though -.- Also, we will be working on Tonari no Koigataki by Shiraishi Yuki! This manga was requested by one of our faithful readers and I’m sorry we’re taking so long to release it. Wait for it :DD

List of Releases

  • CRASH! 32.5 One-shot Good★Game

On a special note, Hime-chan fans, do not despair! Kiriko has finally found the chinese raws of Hime-chan Colourful volume 2,so we will be continuing soon! ^^