Crash… 43!!

Hello everyone! So sorry for the delay, I’ve just started school and the deadlines are killing me… releases will slow down from now on, but do look forward to it! I won’t say too much, but do give us your comments and feedback! DL link: here Enjoy the chapter :)) -Kiriko Advertisements

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SNK 11 & 12!

Heya! It’s Kiriko again! As school for me is starting soon, the rate of release will definitely drop, but don’t be disheartened! AMS will keep going though we won’t be making as many frequent releases. Do continue supporting us! As always, feedback and comments are appreciated! SNK 11 DL link: here SNK 12 DL link: […]

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CRASH… 42!!

YO WHAT DO YOU KNOW I actually churned it out… blegh… (Excuse my weird comments and enjoy the chapter, I finished this after work so I’m kinda drained right now, that’s an understatement) DL link: here Enjoy :)) -Kiriko

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