We’re back with another fresh release, piping chili hot from the oven! (is this joke too lame? =.=)

Recently, I got a new printer + scanner! My old one broke down, and that’s why we haven’t been releasing anything recently… But don’t worry! I powered down translations for SNK 9-12, so look forward to those soon :))) as for CRASH, I don’t know how I did it either but I managed to translate, clean, typeset, proofread everything in 2 weeks…?! For that reason, maybe you’ll find some weird errors here and there – let me know if you do! I’m always willing to improve from your feedback :))

By the way, if you’ve been enjoying our releases, do drop us a comment from time to time, reading thank-you messages always puts a smile on our faces :))

That said, enjoy the chapter and do continue supporting AMS!

DL link: Here

-Kiriko :>