SNK 10 +++ new member Mimi!

SNK 10 +++ new member Mimi!

Hi everyone!

So we’re back with another release! This was done amazingly quick because of our new member Mimi. She’s just joined the AMS family, so let’s all welcome her! *throws confetti*

We’re currently working on SNK and CRASH, so if you’d like us to do other projects, drop us an email. Also, if anyone happens to have Chinese raws of Hime-chan no ribon colorful vol 3 and 4, do send them to us!

DL link: here

As always, scream at us here or drop us an email :)) we’re forever looking forward to all your feedback and comments!

Thanks as always for all your support, and look forward to more piping chili hot releases coming soon!





We’re back with another fresh release, piping chili hot from the oven! (is this joke too lame? =.=)

Recently, I got a new printer + scanner! My old one broke down, and that’s why we haven’t been releasing anything recently… But don’t worry! I powered down translations for SNK 9-12, so look forward to those soon :))) as for CRASH, I don’t know how I did it either but I managed to translate, clean, typeset, proofread everything in 2 weeks…?! For that reason, maybe you’ll find some weird errors here and there – let me know if you do! I’m always willing to improve from your feedback :))

By the way, if you’ve been enjoying our releases, do drop us a comment from time to time, reading thank-you messages always puts a smile on our faces :))

That said, enjoy the chapter and do continue supporting AMS!

DL link: Here

-Kiriko :>