Hi everyone!

We’ve finally reached the end of volume 1 for Shingeki no Kyojin Chuugakkou! *woohoo* *throws confetti* ((that took us forever but oh well be grateful for our scans thanks))

As of now, amscans is currently operating with only two members: Kiriko and Sakura x Angel (aka Saku). Due to such a huge shortage of staff as well as a broken scanner, it’ll take us a while before we’re able to make our next release, so do be patient with us! Also, if you’re willing to help us as a raw provider (especially for Hime-chan no Ribon Colorful!), typesetter, cleaner, or translator, do contact us at amscans@live.com. We would really appreciate your help!

That said, I’ll conclude this post. Thanks to all the readers out there who support us!

DL link: here

Until our next release,

-Kiriko & Saku