Hime-chan 9.5!

Hime-chan 9.5!

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another chapter. Here’s hime-chan 9.5, which we kinda have neglected for quite a while… so here it is!

DL link: here

Unfortunately, if you’ve been following our posts, chapter 9.5 is the last chapter we have raws for. That said, we request your help again: if anyone has raws for hime-chan volumes 3 and 4, please contact us. We’ll definitely credit you as the raw provider and we’d really appreciate your help.

I really don’t want to drop this series, it was AMS’ first project and I’m really curious as to how it ends as well. I hope some kind soul out there helps us…

We’ll do our best to keep bringing you amazing scanlations, so do support us!

Enjoy the chapter! (this chapter was my personal favourite!)