SNK 5 & 6 – Let’s welcome Ryn!

SNK 5 & 6 – Let’s welcome Ryn!

Hi everyone! Are you surprised at this update?

It’s amazing how much faster releases can be with more typesetters. Of course, thanks to Ryn, our newest typesetter, I have to work extra hard to translate more chapters… Let’s all welcome her, she’s super fast and precise 🙂

This has been wayyyyy overdue, so enjoy!

SNK 5 DL link: here
SNK 6 DL link: here

Also, like I have mentioned before, we will only be scanlating Him-chan no Ribon Colorful up till chapter 9.5 unless someone provides us with raws. We wouldn’t want to drop it either, but we have no choice if we can’t find raws… If you are able to help us, please drop us an email at! We don’t have raws for volumes 3 and 4. We are still looking for raws ourselves with no success so far 😦

On a happier note, it’ll be my birthday in exactly 6 days! 6th april’s coming soon already O_O

Happy reading, and thanks for all your support!





Here it is! After so much hard work the chapter is finally here…

Please welcome our new cleaner, Tsukine! She did the cleaning for this chapter.

DL link: Here

As always if you have any feedback or would like to provide us with raws/join us, drop us an email at

Enjoy reading!