November releases~ TNK 9 & 10

Hello, hello!

So I’ve finally gotten around to making some releases. Only two more chapters left in this series, and then it’s the end of Tonari no Koigataki!

Here’s the DL links:
TNK 9: here
TNK 10: here

That said, we’re going to finish volume 2 of Hime-chan no Ribon Colorful soon, and we need raw providers for volumes 3 and 4 of Hime-chan. If you have Chinese raws and are willing to share them with us, we would appreciate your help! If we aren’t able to get the raws, we may have to consider dropping this project (which would be really sad, as it’s our first project…) so do email us at if you have raws.

We need typesetters, cleaners, raw providers, chi-eng translators, so apply if you wish to join our family 🙂

Enjoy reading, and look forward to our next release!




3 thoughts on “November releases~ TNK 9 & 10

  1. If I could get you the raw scans of vol 3 and 4 of home-chan no ribbon colorful in Japanese, would you be able to finish it?
    Thank you for the good work so far!

    1. Problem is, we don’t have any japanese translators at the moment. If you are able to join us as a jap-eng translator, and also get the raws, that would be a dream come true. Thanks for supporting us all this time!

  2. when will the next chapter of my favourite manga ”CRASH” release?!!!

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