New release! Tonari no Koigataki chapter 7!

New release! Tonari no Koigataki chapter 7!

Alright, hi there my dear readers. I know you probably feel like murdering me right now but to tell you the truth, it’s been an awful couple of months and that’s the reason why there haven’t been any releases in the past two months.

We’ve had lots of stuff to do in our lives, and like every single one of you readers out there, we have other commitments in our lives, be it work or school. We seek your understanding and patience as we work towards making amscans better and more efficient (gosh i sound like some advertisement or something but yes this is the real reason so please don’t come at me with a sharpened knife or something).

We’ll work hard to send all of you more releases soon, so look forward to it! Enjoy our new release, chapter 7 of Tonari no Koigataki!

TNK 7 DL link: here

Thank you, and please continue supporting us!

-Kiriko XD