A little mistake…

Hey guys, so this is Kiriko.

I made a little mistake in my previous post, and it may have gotten all of you confused, but I’ve already corrected it. Instead of Crash chapter 33, I typed Crash chapter 34, and that’s wrong. The chapter I released is Crash chapter 33, and the next chapter of crash will be 34. So please forgive me for this small mistake, and I wish you all happy reading!

Look forward to our future releases!



2 thoughts on “A little mistake…

  1. Hi! I think you guys really are doing a great job! Thank you very much! I was wondering if your guys have uwasa no midori-kun by Ikeyamada Go on project? Is there any chance that you guys can continue it? It hasnt been realised in a very long time.. 😦

    1. hi there! Yes we can continue it if it has been dropped. Do you have any raws of it? It’d be best if the raws were in chinese.
      And you’re welcome for the chapters 🙂
      -Kiriko 😀

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