EOY summary…

Hi guys, this is Kiriko.

Umm… Crash chapter 33 isn’t done yet. I’m sorry and I apologize because I know I have been delaying this chapter for A VERY LOONG TIME and I’m seriously sorry.

Plus, I know we have many other projects waiting, and that everyone is probably waiting (and still is waiting) for the chapters to be released. For that, I really feel guilty and I know how frustrating it is for everyone to wait, being a reader myself. Please try and understand that I faced a lot of difficult things in my life this year and I just neglected amscans. I really hope everyone can bear with me a little more until I can revive this group.

Some announcements to make:

Neko, the other admin of amscans, is no longer part of the group. She’s left because of personal matters that she won’t share with anyone and since she wants to do more things in her life now, she’s decided to leave.

Second, we are still recruiting members. Typesetters and cleaners out there, please apply!

Thank you for supporting Angelic Miracle Scanlations and please continue to do so. I hope that you can bear with me a little longer as I sort things out.

Thank you so much.

-Kiriko, admin of amscans


4 thoughts on “EOY summary…

      1. Thank you! If only I could read Korean or Japanese or Chinese I would help but I cant TT~TT I hope you’ll have more recruits!!

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