Happy birthday, Angelic Miracle Scanlations!

Happy birthday, Angelic Miracle Scanlations!

Yayyyy! So for the first time, we are celebrating our birthday!

We’re one year old now. Thank you for all your kind support to us.

We will do our best again, and hopefully we can reach our second birthday.

Please wait for our new releases and expect even more awesome scanlations from A.M.Scans!

Do continue supporting us >.< and anyone who wants to join, please email us or leave us a comment!

We love you!

-Yours truly,

Angelic Miracle Scanlations

trust our awesome scanlations. ❤ ❤ ❤

Just a while more, yeah?

Just a while more, yeah?


Crash chapter 33 is going to take a while more. I know we’ve promised earlier releases and all, but due to some problems, Act 2 of Crash will take a while more to be released. I’m really sorry about this and I fully understand the frustration you readers feel. I’m sorry for this, but do be patient until the chapter is ready. We will release it as soon as we’re through perfecting it.

Even though this has been our longest ever delay for a chapter, please continue supporting Angelic Miracle Scanlations. We love you all and will continue to do our best.

Thank you!