Titans in a love triangle…?!

Okay… don’t take the title so seriously XDD Today I proudly bring to you two new chapters, Shingeki no Kyojin Junior High(do not judge what I call it!!) Chapter 1 and Tonari no Koigataki Chapter 5!! Anyway, it’s been a really long while, and if Kiriko haven’t been kicking my ass to typeset a chapter since January, our next release would have been next year or something LOL.

DL Link for:

-Tnk: Here

-Snk Junior High: Here

Before I start ranting on how crappy Tonari no Koigataki is, I would just like to say that our dear cleaner, Baqa, have left us and just for this two chapters, we have added a special page at the end of each chapter just for him!

Oh, and we are still looking for more staff, so if you are able to help us(I will love you forever), do check out this page. ‘Til the next time(I swear it won’t be that long)!! *sigh* I have to sort out some admin stuff for our email :/


P.S. Many people have been asking about CRASH!, and a certain group *cough* have even tried do it but have not released the chapter for some reason(LOL) and yes, we will be doing it. I have just gotten the translations from Kiriko and will be working on it soon.



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