Hey there! This is Kiriko!
We’re currently looking for new members. Because of our lack of staff, we’re not releasing things fast enough…and we have a huge heap of projects just waiting to be done! If I remember correctly, there are about 8 or so…and our readers are waiting!
So. Do you have loads of free time? Do you want to try working in a scanlation group? Well the chance is here! (gosh I sound like some advertisement =.=) Anyways, if you’re interested in helping us create faster releases, drop us a mail at :DDD
you can join us for any other positions you’re interested in, of course 🙂 Take a look at our page on Recruitment for the details!
I hope to see many many MANY new members soon :DDD
Love you guys! Please continue supporting us!
-Kiriko, the crazy admin ❤


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