New Year Resolutions for amscans~!

Hey guys, Happy New Year 2014!! Me and Kiriko can’t wait to work with you guys again!! 🙂
In this post, I’ll be stating some resolutions for our blog to fufil, everytime we accomplish something I will strike it off~!
-Get 10,000 hits on our blog 😀
-Open more positions for staff~
-Take on 5 new projects(not including the ones in the Future Releases)
-Have a Tumblr page for our site: and have 100 followers!
-Get 200 likes on our FB page
-Complete 1 series
-Gain 5 more staff

I guess… That’s it? (Kiriko you can add more here xD)
I’m sorry for the lack of releases now, there’s not alot of motivation for us to carry on… So if you can, do write it in the comments or email us… ^^”

Last, I would like to say thank you to the Crash! fans on mangahere and mangafox, you guys are really nice, commenting on every chapter, thanking us and even liking our Good Game chapter!! c;

I love you guys for being so awesome and great! :’3 And to all our staffs(Baqa, Zura, Sakura x Angel and Gamen-chan) out there, thank you for helping us! Please take care of us this year and let’s have a great year ahead! x3



2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions for amscans~!

  1. Hi I was wondering if you were still planning on continuing to translate Crash 2?
    If so then when would that be? I just really really want to read it!
    Oh and thanks for your previous hard work on crash 1:)

    1. hey there! yes, we would be continuing our work on Crash! the translations are already in progress…however, since our typesetter is currently on a short hiatus, it will take a while before we can release Crash 33 (crash 2). we’re really sorry for this delay but if you know anyone or have any experience in typesetting, then please drop us a comment or email us at so that we can get cracking on the typesetting. Thank you for your support and we hope you like our scanlations! please continue supporting us!
      -Kiriko 😀

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