The end of the act?! + AFA Pictures!

006Here it is! CRASH! 32 🙂 I worked so hard to typeset this… owo Even Kiriko thinks this is my best chapter ever! xD Oh, and people, please do not misunderstand! This is NOT the last chapter of CRASH!! After this chapter, the chapters would be called Act 2: Stage __ or something!

And there’s a certain thing I want to announce: from now on, our chapter page sizes would be 871px x 1280px, since when I saw some of our chapters on some manga reader sites, they look too small. ._.

Many thanks to Sakura x Angel and Baqa for helping out again!


And now…the pictures of AFA!! 😀

So many people were there… Kiriko and I saw so many awesome cosplays!! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go into the maid and butler cafe… The food was too expensive. 0_o I got a Sakura Kyoko nendoroid at a kujin event for only S$12!! I was so lucky!

There were so many Puella Magi merchandise there… -_- About the cosplays, I was surprised to see a Yata Misaki, Saruhiko, Kushina Anna cosplay and even a Gosick(Victorique) too!

There were too many Vocaloid and SAO cosplays there until it got quite boring to see them… We were fortunate to catch an interview with Angie0_0, she was basically cosplaying as Kotori from Love Live!. KANAME☆ was only there in the evening so we didn’t get to see him. ;_____; He was also cosplaying Saruhiko that day… Damn it! Kiriko spotted REIKA as Jean from SnK too!!

I can’t wait to go there again next year! (and I hope to cosplay too :3)


2013-11-09 09.52.55 1461860_565683973525284_782339109_n2013-11-09 11.17.202013-11-09 12.17.442013-11-09 13.14.442013-11-09 13.25.162013-11-09 13.31.382013-11-09 13.45.121395857_565683903525291_1119110767_n2013-11-09 13.48.362013-11-10 19.07.501455948_565684116858603_747718320_n


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