Just make up already…!

Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu, chapter 93! I know we were pretty slow on this, so forgive us. I think Neko’s on a roll though, the chapter is perfect! No mistakes! (If you spot one, leave a comment and we’ll fix it ahaha.) I don’t want to give away spoilers, so I think I won’t say […]

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Grape Pine, chapter 2!

Yo minna! Hey everyone! This is Kiriko, the admin that doesn’t really post anything here :)) I do post stuff on our facebook page though…oh and if you haven’t already, go like us now! here’s the link 😀 https://www.facebook.com/amscans This chapter was pretty fun to do, and our typesetter, Neko, did an awesome job with this! I […]

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Hiro-san… *sighs*

Kyou koi 92 here! Yes, we are pretty slow this time round! ^^ *SPOILER* Hiro-san is so mean here… I…must…stop…myself…from ranting!! DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?jvykdl2cfu6dor7 I’m currently working on CRASH! 32 now, it’s going to be an awesome chapter! Patience, everyone. 8D -Neko //Heads up: Me and Kiriko would be attending AFA on Saturday, we may be making […]

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