CRASH! Chapter 31

My typesetting skills are so slow >_> Anyways, here it is: CRASH! 31!! This chapter is heartbreaking… like seriously… I’m now more in love with Yugo and Rei! ^^ Go go, Hana-chan! DL: The next release would probably be Kyou koi Hajimemasu 92-94, I guess. Meanwhile, check out our facebook page! We put really random sh*t […]

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Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu 91?!

I never thought that we would release chapters this fast…. Anyway, here’s Chapter 91! The typesetting was pretty simple… *feels awkward-has nothing to say* DL: Here Anyway, just a reminder: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS CHAPTER ON ANY MANGA READER SITE. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO READ/EDIT THIS CHAPTER FOR YOUR OWN USAGE. Edit: and pathetic people just […]

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CRASH! Chapter 30

This is so awesome, I never expected to release any of the CRASH! chapters so fast!! 🙂 Here is the download link: I’m off to do Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu! ^^ -Neko

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New Project?!

Hey guys!! Is the new design of this website okay? I’m currently typesetting Chapter 5 of Hime-chan no Ribon Colourful and my exams would be over next week!! Anyway, we would be speed releasing Kyou koi wo Hajimemasu!! I know, another group is currently scanlating it, so we would NOT allow anyone to REPOST OUR […]

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New Member!

We would like to introduce a new member, Baqa!! ^^ He is an amazing cleaner that does the cleaning really fast! >.< With more members, we will be able to release more chapters faster! After we release Chapter 5, we will be saying a really important message for everyone! See you guys until Chapter 5(released […]

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