Updates :D

Heyo everyone, it’s Kiriko here~~

Here’s an update about our current progress.
We’re doing the chapter 4 of Hime-chan no Ribon Colorful now, so wait for it!
And we are taking on this manga called CRASH! by Yuka Fujiwara. It’s awesome in my opinion. The guys are HOTTT =.= ahahahaha.
I think I’m going to have a nosebleed soon though… I’m feeling light headed…

Okay. Please don’t get mad at us and start posting hate messages all over here at this. We are promising you releases.
But we need you guys to give us some time. Turns out that both Neko and me have exams for the next two weeks, till the start of October. Neko said she’d try to finish up chapter 4 of Hime-chan, but it’s a shaky promise ’cause she doesn’t know if she’ll have the time to do it. So if she DOES get it done, then CHEER WITH ALL YOUR HEARTS ALL OUR FANS OUT THERE HAHAHAH. But in case she can’t, I already told you guys, kayy? Scanlators need to study too, we ARE human.


Her name is Sakura x Angel! She’s our new proofreader. Welcome to our family~ ❤

Well so anyway, please continue supporting us, and good night.
This has been Kiriko, signing off now ❤

p.s. this was reposted here from our fb page, in case you’re wondering. Good night 😀


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